Convenient, Safe, and Non-Invasive Hammertoe Correction Surgery

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Hammertoe correction is a surgical procedure to correct a deformity in the second, third, fourth, or fifth toes, where the toe is bent at the middle joint, resembling a hammer. This condition can cause significant discomfort and difficulties with walking.

Benefits of Hammertoe Correction Surgery

Hammertoe correction surgery offers several potential benefits to traditional solutions:

– Surgery can alleviate the pain associated with hammertoe, particularly when it’s been caused by pressure from footwear.

– The surgery can allow for improved walking and overall foot function.

– The procedure can also straighten the affected toe, which can improve the cosmetic appearance of the foot.

– After the deformity is corrected, patients may find it easier to find comfortable shoes that fit properly.

WellBridge Surgical partners with surgeons who excel in hammertoe corrective surgery procedures, providing excellent care, while addressing the understandably traditional patient concerns regarding certain parameters such as recovery time, post surgical pain and swelling, or potential post-surgical infections, as well as the potential lasting effects of hammertoe . . . stiffness, recurrence, or sensory variations. Our surgical team includes board-certified experts in the field of out-patient surgery, ensuring that our patients receive the best diagnoses and the widest variety of dependable treatment options.

As with any procedure, the decisions about hammertoe correction surgery should be made in consultation with a healthcare provider, weighing the potential benefits and the risks. Conservative approaches, such as changes in footwear, use of orthotic devices, and physical therapy exercises, are often tried before considering surgery.

WellBridge Surgical is setting the new standard in hammertoe correction procedures, providing excellent care, while addressing patient concerns.

About WellBridge Surgical

WellBridge Surgical is an ambulatory surgery center (ASC). The primary advantage of an ASC is our ability to provide the necessary surgical care in a more convenient, cost-effective, and personalized environment.

The healthcare industry can be intimidating, cloaked in ambiguity with respect to both pricing and treatment options. Under circumstances where treatment matters, WellBridge Surgical delivers high-quality surgical services directly to patients with cost-certainty, providing the peace of mind to proactively deal with both preventative and corrective healthcare issues.

WellBridge is an innovator in medical care, pioneering in consumer-friendly healthcare for the Indianapolis area, supported by fixed, up-front pricing and an unparalleled level of patient understanding with respect to the most effective curative options. Outpatient hammertoe correction is just one of the many ways that WellBridge is leading the field in patient advocacy and service.

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