Sinus Surgery

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Sinus Patients are breathing easier thanks to the life-changing outpatient surgery provided by WellBridge Surgical.

Sinus surgery is a procedure that aims to open the pathways of the sinuses and clear blockages. This is often an option for individuals with recurrent or chronic sinus infections, abnormal sinus structure, or other conditions such as nasal polyps or sinus cancer.
Sinus surgery at WellBridge Surgical, offers several potential benefits beyond traditional solutions to chronic sinus issues, including . . .

  • A Reduction Of Sinus Infections: By improving sinus drainage, surgery can decrease the frequency and severity of sinus infections.
  • Improved Breathing: Sinus surgery can improve breathing through the nose if it was previously obstructed.
  • Enhanced Sense of Smell: For some patients, an improved sense of smell can occur after surgery if smell was impaired due to chronic sinusitis.
  • Better Quality of Life: By reducing chronic sinusitis symptoms, surgery can improve sleep, decrease the need for medications, and provide a measurably enhanced quality of life.

It’s important to discuss the potential benefits and challenges with one’s healthcare provider to make an informed decision about whether sinus surgery is the right choice for you. Considerations might include recovery time, post-operative care facilitation, or the possibility of recurrence depending on the root cause of one’s sinusitis.

WellBridge Surgical excels in sinus surgery procedures, providing safe and dependable care, while addressing the traditional patient concerns regarding health parameters ranging from recovery time to postoperative pain. WellBridge Surgical has several different Ear Nose Throat surgeons who are specifically skilled in sinus surgery, and you will be paired with a surgeon who is a perfect fit for your diagnosis.

As with all surgical decisions, the potential benefits should be weighed against the potential risks and challenges, taking into account an individual’s specific condition, overall health, and lifestyle. When non-surgical treatments like medications, nasal irrigation, and lifestyle changes, are insufficient to provide a lasting solution to sinus problems, WellBridge provides safe and dependable ASC care, while addressing the traditional patient concerns regarding certain parameters that might include recovery time, postoperative pain, risks associated with potential infection, bleeding, nerve injury, and complications related to anesthesia. WellBridge’s expertise and care limit the probability of secondary or revisional surgery.

WellBridge Surgical is setting the new standard in sinus surgery procedures, and as an ambulatory surgery center (ASC), WellBridge enjoys an unparalleled ability to provide the necessary surgical care within the most convenient, cost-effective, and personalized environment in healthcare.

Healthcare can often feel intimidating and confusing with respect to both pricing and treatment options. WellBridge Surgical remains committed to providing high-quality surgical services directly to patients with cost-certainty, providing the peace of mind to proactively deal with both preventative and corrective healthcare issues.

WellBridge is an innovator in medical care, pioneering in consumer-friendly healthcare for the Indianapolis area, supported by fixed, up-front pricing and an unparalleled level of patient understanding and participation. Call WellBridge first or visit us at