Inspire Sleep Apnea Surgery

by | May 2, 2024 | Uncategorized

People are breathing easily and sleeping well, thanks to life-changing outpatient surgery provided by WellBridge Surgical.

WellBridge Surgical’s introduction of Inspire Sleep Apnea Implant surgery offers several benefits for individuals with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Among other benefits, Inspire surgery at WellBridge:

  • Improves breathing by stimulating the hypoglossal nerve, preventing the tongue and airway muscles from collapsing into the airway, thus reducing breathing interruptions. Studies have shown a 79% decrease in sleep apnea events.
  • Reduces snoring and daytime sleepiness, leading to improved sleep quality.
  • Prevents long-term complications associated with sleep apnea, such as stroke, liver problems, heart attacks, and Type 2 diabetes.
  • Provides a mask-free solution as opposed to CPAP therapy, offering a more comfortable treatment experience.

With a battery life of 11 years, WellBridge’s Inspire implant offers patients long-term relief from OSA.

It is important to note that while the Inspire implant surgery offers significant benefits, it may not be suitable for everyone. WellBridge Surgical is uniquely qualified to assess a patient’s needs and to determine if this treatment is appropriate for them.

It’s important to discuss the potential benefits and challenges with one’s healthcare provider to make an informed decision about whether Inspire Sleep Apnea Implant surgery is the right choice for you. Considerations might include low risk of infection, nerve trauma, bleeding, allergic reactions to the implanted material, and rare speaking or swallowing issues.

WellBridge provides safe and dependable care during Sleep Apnea Implant procedures while addressing the traditional patient concerns regarding recovery time, postoperative pain, and rare risks associated with surgery. WellBridge’s expertise and care limit the probability of secondary or revisional surgery to address OSA.

WellBridge Surgical is setting the new standard in Sleep Apnea Implant procedures, and as an ambulatory surgery center (ASC), WellBridge enjoys an unparalleled ability to provide the necessary surgical care within the most convenient, cost-effective, and personalized environment in healthcare.

Healthcare can often feel intimidating and confusing concerning both pricing and treatment options. WellBridge Surgical remains committed to providing high-quality surgical services directly to patients with cost certainty, providing the peace of mind to proactively deal with preventative and corrective healthcare issues.

WellBridge is pioneering in the current medical landscape by providing consumer-friendly healthcare for the Indianapolis area, supported by fixed, up-front pricing and an unparalleled level of patient understanding and participation.

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